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We just not connect the community members, but also community to other communities. Communities can share tips, information and also invite other communities to joint their events. using the Kuul Communities application will give communities’ ability to manage and maintain their members. Instead of registering to travel package for some sport events, Community or their members can arrange their own travel arrangement for their own sport events.

Sport Categories


Many people love Running, and different types or running (5k, 10k, 21K (Half Marathon), and 42K (Marathon), and also Ultra Marathon (Distance more than 42 K)) will required different techniques and methods. You can find out more about Running in Kuul Communities.


People who love different sports, welcome to triathlon. The sport combines sports Swim, Bike and Run. This is an interesting sport, as many people now have been exposed in different sport activities as they do swimming, running and event cycling and their daily life, so why not do the triathlon. Further challenge in the Triathlon, will be going to Ironman category.


This is a challenging sport who like triathlon. There are two categories of Ironman which are Half Ironman 70.3 and Full Ironman (140.6). The Half ironman requires 1.8k Swim, 90k Bike and 21k Run, and for the Full Ironman requires 3.6k Swim, 180k Bike and 42K Run. Kuul Communities will bring all the triathlon communities to share their experience, training and tips in the apps.


To the one who loves the open air and green environment, Golf is the answer. Walking and swinging the club for either 9 or 18 holes, with good fresh air can make you addicted. We share the golf events and also how if the events done virtually. Join us


Pilates, We believe Movement positively changes lives. Even if you are a sport enthusiast or a professional, Balanced Body provides the equipment and education to lead a stronger, more active and healthier life. Learn more about Pilates’ Techniques, Continuing Education and Streaming Video. You may also Shop, find an Instructor or Class near you.


Marathon now becomes a trend in many parts in the world and also as part of urban hypes. The sport is easy to train since you only need an open-door environment. Nevertheless, marathon is the long run experience, reaching 42km. Many knowledge and information are available in Kuul Communities apps, from looking at events until reaching out trainers. More challenge in marathon is to experience ultra-marathon. Kuul Communities is the place for all the knowledge in marathon.

Strength Training

Part of the sport which is very important as part of cross training. People who loves running, cycling and event swimming is recommended to take the Strength Training, in order to boost the performance. Many tips and how to do the training will be share in the apps.


Communities who love to ride the bicycles welcome to join. Sharing with different Cycling communities will be interesting for the members, as we have different bicycle types, such as Road Bike, Mountain Bike, City Bike and TT Bike, or others type of activity using the bicycle. Members can share more information, techniques, trainings and events.


Swimming, is the favorite sport for the cross training, since it neutralizes your active muscles which have been used in your training. Swimming is also part of the sport being used in triathlon and Ironman. Many tricks required when you do triathlon and ironman. We love to share the techniques and training for swimming in Kuul Communities apps.

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